About The One Extracts

A Psychedelic Journey To The Origin Of Life

The One product features

They offer exact dosing measurement (via mushroom extraction) and palatable fruit flavors as opposed to the unsavory taste of actual psilocybin mushrooms. Flavors include Mango and Blue Rasberry, which can be a relief for people with sensitive stomachs.  

The One gummies content

All ingredients, from the Mushroom Extract to the pectin used as a gelling agent, are sourced from natural origins. We’re committed to providing a product that is not only potent but also vegan-friendly and ethically source.

The One gummies dosage and precision

Our gummies are designed for rapid absorption, typically manifesting effects within 30 to 45 minutes. The fast-acting nature of the gummies ensures that you can plan your activities without any unnecessary waiting.

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Our Story

Professional Experience with Psilocybin

I should also mention that I’m an experienced psychonaut and that I’ve developed sensible guard rails and best practices to guide my own consumption of psilocybin mushrooms. For instance, I carefully prepare my set and setting in advance, make sure to have plenty of water on hand, and notify a trusted confidant beforehand that I’ll be consuming mushrooms and share my exact location. 

The Founder and His Experience

As the founder of a platform dedicated to covering the global mushroom industry (The One)  in its many facets, both above ground and underground, I’ve had a chance to sample numerous legacy mushroom market products, ranging from psilocybin-infused chocolate to jerky to gummies to honey to water-soluble drink packets to liquor to marshmallows and more.

In the spirit of harm reduction, education, and providing some context for the elusive and nebulous legacy mushroom market, I’ll review a few of the many branded products now floating around.

I’m not endorsing people who break the law. Nor do I encourage the use of these products by those seeking mushrooms for the first time and who haven’t done their own research, as well as consulting trusted friends, family, and/or medical professionals. 

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